Ruler App home screen

Tape measure app for your phone.

Measure every distance with this on-screen ruler.
Just touch the screen to start using the best multi-touch measuring system and find the size of all tiny objects around you. And you don't have to pay anything, it's free.

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Great app features.

Easy to use

Intuitive to use

No manuals, no tutorials, you just know how to use it when you see it.

Accurate ruler

Super accurate

This is the most accurate ruler on the market, because we manually calibrate for each device.

Small app size

Small size

No free space for new apps? No problem! Ruler App is only 1.5 MB.

Ruler App features

In your language and device.

This mobile application is localized in more than 45 languages, so for sure, it is available in your native language.
It is designed to work on any Android device on this planet with Android 2.3 or up.
Even on your old tablet, you will be able to install and run it.

Ruler App units

Measure in inches or centimeters.

The app fully supports inches fractions display for users in the States.
Want to use Metric system instead? Change from inches to centimeters from the settings menu.
You can also convert the size in the other unit system by quickly changing units.

Ruler App history

Track historical measurements.

History of measurements is available with a tap on a button or a simple swipe from the left border. You can save the length indicated on the tape measure to the database. Then you can put a title and also restore the size on the screen. For more options, long press an item and you can share it, copy it or delete it.